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My Updated MAC Lipstick Collection! June 2014
Definitely NOT FOR SALE!
This is my updated MAC Lipstick Collection as of June 2014.
I got rid of some and gained some more over the past year, and so, without any further due, here are my babies!


Goddess of the Sea, Mystical, Enchanted One, True Love's Kiss, What Joy!, Tribalist2

Head in the Clouds, Glam, Creme D'Nude, Tickle Me, Overrich, Force of Love3

Pinkfringe, Spitfire, Purple Rite, Hibiscus, Betty Bright, Double Spin


Pink Packed, Angel, Sweet Experience, Raspberry Swirl, Pervette, Viva Glam Gaga I


Hoop, Pink Nouveau, Enjoy It All!, Dish It Up, Watch Me Simmer, Sounds Like Noise8

Gladiola, Coral Polyp, Melrose Mood, Hollywood Nights, Petals & Peacocks, Blooming Lovely9

Scarlet Ibis, Love Goddess, Who's That Chick, Pleasure Bomb, Viva Glam Nicki I, Viva Glam Nicki II10

Toxic Tale, Strayin', Real Doll, Utterly Frivolous, Innocence11

Electro, Sail La Vie, Daddy's Little Girl, Zandra, Lazy Day


Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored, Private Party, Flair For Finery, Prepare For Pleasure, Exclusive Event35

Such Flare!, Kanga Rouge, Bust Out!, Feel My Pulse, Ronnie Red, Boyfriend Stealer36

Dramatic Encounter, Beauty, Outrageously Fun, Blood Red, Dark Deed, Heartless37

Viva Glam I, Viva Glam III, Viva Glam Cyndi, Viva Glam Rihanna, Racy38

Nude, Talk That Talk, Bad Girl Riri, Heaux, Riri Boy

Madame B., Pretty Loud, Colour Crafted, Pink Plaid, Please Me, Haute Altitude

Morange, Lady Danger, Dangerous, So Chaud, Ablaze, Rozz Revival20

Candy Yum Yum Old, Candy Yum Yum New, Heatherette (Original Release), Pink Pigeon, Show Orchid, Impassioned21

Savory, Fan Fare, Coral Bliss, On Hold, Ever Hip, Ravishing22

La Mode, Monarch, Vegas Volt, Sweet & Sour, Meltdown, Tangerine Dream23

Reel Sexy, Sushi Kiss, Dreaming Dahlia, Lip Blossum, CB96, Colour Me Coral24

Silly, Chatterbox, I Like It Like That, Victorian, Naughty Saute, Rose Lily25

Flat Out Fabulous, Quick Sizzle, Fashionably Fuchsia, Moxie, Something New, Embrace Me26

Saigon Summer, Costa Chic, Alibi, Pink Cabana, Flamingo, Neon Orange27

Vivid Imagination, Budding Love, Pink Pearl Pop, Snob, Speed Dial, Of Royalty28

Jazzed, See Sheer, Jest, Dainty Cake, Cut a Caper, Crosswires29

Steady Going, Pink Friday, Saint Germain, Play Time, Lavender Whip Old, Lavender Whip New30

Lovelorn, Speak Louder, Girl About Town, Trimming Talk, Gulabi, Fusion Pink31

Pink Maribu, Heavenly Hybrid, Dressmaker, Dressmaker, Tart & Trendy, Shy Girl32

Razzledazzler, California Dreamin', All Styled Up, Pink Popcorn, Bombshell, Scanty33

Party Parrot, Eager, Lustering, Sunny Seoul, Red Full-Stop39

Kinda Sexy, Pure Zen, Warm Me Up, Cozy Up, Pure Decoration, Runway Hit, Freckletone, Peachstock40

Smoked Purple, Yung Rapunxel, Media, Cyber, Hautecore, Sweet Succulence41

Violetta, Captive, Craving, Go For It, Up The Amp, Aristocat42

Plum Bright, Dominate, Instigator, Punk Couture, Missy Plum, Rebel43

Style Curve, Strong Woman, Heroine Old, Heroine New, Crimzone, Stiletto44

Kittenish, Diva, Dark Side, Hang-Up, Sin, Fixed On Drama45

Russian Red, Ruffian Red, Ruby Woo, MAC Red, Red Racer, Lady Bug46

Runaway Red, Brave Red, Relentlessly Red, Must Be Red!, All Fired Up, Utter Fun47

Absolute Power, Just a Bite, Rocker, Dubonnet, Studded Kiss48

Subverted, Apres Chic, Carnal Instinct, Pre-Raphaelite, Chili, Del Rio

Mineralize Rich Lipsticks
Utterly Delicious, Style Surge, Smart & Sweet, Ultraprecious

Mineralize Rich Lipsticks
Ladies Who Lunch, Divine Choice, Elegant Accent, Strikingly Fabulous, Dreaminess


Mineralize Rich Lipstick
Red Coquette, Midnight Mambo

Pro Longwear Lipcreme
Dear Diary, Good To Go, Love Forever!, Dress It Up, Extended Play, Booyah!!!

Pro Longwear Lipcreme
Approaching Storm, Red Dwarf, Goes and Goes, Heart Hangover, Overtime, To The Future

Delectable, Seductive Intent, Eden Rouge, Potent Fig


Rare Exotic, Nocturnal Instincts, Night Blooming, Fashion Nomad

Kissable Lipcolour
So Vain, Exxxhibitionist


Kissable Lipcolour in Scandelicious
My Other Lipstick Brands as interesting as MAC:


Darling (Melt Cosmetics), Space Cake (Melt Cosmetics), Blow (Melt Cosmetics), Giorgio Armani - Rouge D'Armani 503


Melt Cosmetics
Stupid Love, Shady Lady, Bang! Bang!, Summer

Melt Cosmetics
DGAF, 6six6, Belladonna I, Belladonna II, By Starlight Old, By Starlight New

Coloured Raine
Monroe, Intimidate, Bajan Princess, Confection, Lipnotize, Candy Girl, Penthouse Sweet, Lavender Raine

Coloured Raine
Boudoir, X-Pose, Arabian Night, Plum Fairy, Rebel Raine, VVS Lip Synch, Persian Queen, Royal Raine
Thank you for looking!

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I'm drooling!! you have an amazing collection.

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